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Commercial & Industrial

We offer a complete range of commercial and industrial HVAC products and services for businesses in the Springfield area. Whether we’re providing preventative maintenance, repairing broken equipment or installing a new system, we always aim to reduce your energy costs, extend the life of your system and ensure comfort for everyone. Every job is sized right, utilizing an efficient whole building design plan with future needs in mind. We also have exceptional maintenance plans for all your commercial and industrial HVAC equipment.

Commercial HVAC Installation & Replacement

Don't let heating and cooling issues disrupt your business. We have the experience and resources to get your new system installed and working quickly so you can get back to business. Our technicians will work with you to find the right HVAC system for the space you need. If your in need of replacing an old HVAC system we’ll remove and dispose of your old system quickly and have your new one in place before you know it.

HVAC Repair & Installation

Specializing in light to medium size commercial buildings we can be your key partner in reducing unplanned downtime, reliability, and ensuring productive heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service needs for your business enviroment.The heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems represent the largest investment in most commercial buildings and thus the greatest risk. Let Adams Heating & Cooling help lower the costs of operating your building with a wide array of programs. Through planned HVAC maintenance and predictive & diagnostic services, we help reduce risk, future costs and avoid breakdowns.

HVAC Maintenance For Businesses

We offer exceptional maintenance plans for all your commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. It can be tempting to put off commercial HVAC replacement when you start to notice a decline in the performance of your old system, but prompt replacement will actually save you a lot in the long run in terms of reduced energy costs and fewer repair calls. If you’re not sure if it’s time to replace your commercial HVAC system, give us a call today 217-503-6800 and we’ll have one of our expert technicians out to take a look.

HVAC Did You Know?

HVAC Now Qualifies for Section 179 Business Expensing The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included a provision to allow HVAC products to be immediately expensed. Under Section 179 (26 U.S. Code § 179) Small Business Expensing, all components of a “heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning” system can be expensed in the first year!

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