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Residential Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Services

Seasons in central Illinois change from bitter cold in winter to heat draining humid temperatures in summer, with Adams heating & Cooling you can rest assured your home’s inside can remain a comfortable temperature year ’round. Adams Heating & Cooling delivers an excellent value at a fair price by providing uncompromising high-quality service, expert installation and value packed service agreements for maintenance that exceed our client’s expectations. Call 217-503-6800 we offer 24 Hour Emergency Service!

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems control temperature, humidity, and the general quality of the air in your home. If your home is not being cooled efficiently, or if your utility bills have recently soared you can trust Adams Heating & Cooling to efficiently diagnose and repair the problem. We recognize that up to 80% of system performance depends on the quality of installation and maintenance. We offer installation of new cooling systems, upgrading to new or more efficient systems, repair and maintenance of existing systems to ensure they continue running as efficiently and for as long as possible.

Heating & Furnance

Stay warm and cozy all winter long! Upgrading an outdated furnace with a modern, more efficient model can significantly lower your energy bills, evenly distribute temperatures across all rooms of your home and provide better air quality as well as are more environmentally responsible. New heating systems provide superior comfort but knowing whether to repair or replace your current heating system is often a choice left to the last minute. Let Adams Heating and Cooling help you understand if you need a new furnace or if you can get by with repairs. We understand larger home purchases can be a tough call and we'll guide you through the pros and cons of heating repairs or installing a new furnace.

Maintenance & Repair

We offer exceptional maintenance plans for all your home air conditioning and heating systems. We understand how it can be tempting to put off replacement when you start to notice a decline in the performance of your old system, but prompt replacement will actually save you a lot in the long run in terms of reduced energy costs and fewer repair calls. If you’re not sure if it’s time to replace your heating and air conditioning unit or if you could survive another year by repairing the ones you have, give us a call today 217-503-6800 and we’ll have one of our expert technicians out to take a look.

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